As garage door experts, we have seen a common trend with our clients. Gone are the days when our clients were simply looking for safe doors. Style and class is also important. Minneapolis garage door experts offer new carriage style garage doors that are sure to meet your stylish and sophisticated needs. From creatively designed doors with great features to ultramodern attractive looking doors, you are sure to find a door that offers convenience while matching the theme of your home.

You might not know the door to choose when shopping for a carriage style garage door. Rely on our expert advice to assist you in making a decision. Here are some considerations:

  • Raised panel: These doors add depth. For our clients who are looking for a door with a recessed edge, this is the best choice. This door comes in fibreglass and steel or a combination of both to have that classy glass on metal look.
  • Recessed panel: For the client who wishes to have a traditional look with a modern blend, this is the door for you. The door has wood finish engrossment and is made of steel. They are also best suited for two garage spaces for automobiles. Minneapolis Garage Door Experts also offer garage door repair, garage door installation and maintenance.
  • Flush panel: As a company, we have discovered that this style is common with clients looking for a more contemporary design. The panels are straight and clear cut to look simple and elegant.

carriage house style garage doors

No matter the style, material, or brand you prefer, Minneapolis garage door experts are committed to offering garage doors that are exceptional and unique.  The materials that we use for these doors are strong, durable and beautiful. A common trend among our clients is a micro grooved carriage garage door. This door is fitted with accent planks and is therefore the focal point of the house. This style is definitely for the client who wants to make a statement with his or her garage door.

Every client is looking for the right carriage styled door. This is where our technicians come in. They are available to offer advice and different choices from our comparison chart. This definitely allows you to make an informed choice. We always advise our clients to go with what puts a smile on their faces as soon as they reach home. With different varieties of doors available, our clients will definitely find their dream carriage style garage doors.