Garage door springs that are available in Minneapolis are torsion springs and side mounted springs. Torsion springs are attached to the plate at the center of the door frame. They twist when the door closes and their mounting is on cables. Side mounted springs mount on tracks. These springs experience tension when the door closes.

A common question that clients ask is whether they should replace springs in pairs or just the one that is broken. When you call your garage door expert in Minneapolis, what you will notice is that he will replace the springs in sets. Here are some of the reasons why this is important:

  1. Garage door springs run for a period of cycles before they need replacing. Typically, this is 10,000 cycles. Replacing springs as a set ensures that one spring does not work better than the other. Having a strong and weak spring can be dangerous because eventually, the weak one will run out and this can lead to the door falling on your very precious car that you took years to save and buy.
  2. When you use an old and new spring, there will be an imbalance in the functioning of these springs. This means that the door will not function properly. No matter how much spring adjustment you do, the imbalance is not correctable.

Garage Door Springs

As soon as you hire a garage door opener expert in Minneapolis to replace your springs, the first thing that he does is release the spring tension. In this case, the door opens fully until the stop bolt. Do not attempt to replace the spring by yourself because you might think that you have released the tension by opening the door only to discover that it was not. This can lead to serious injuries. Our professionals are knowledgeable and fully trained to deal with any kind of problem related to garage door repair or its parts like garage door opener repair or garage door cable repair.

Since safety cables are on the door, the technician will disconnect them before removing the springs. Since springs attach to the track on one end and the pulley on another, a technician will look at both parts to ensure that the bearings are not sloppy. When they are, they need replacement too. After this, the expert will test the door after making the necessary attachments.