They call it spring-cleaning in Minneapolis because this is the best time to clean and reorganise the house. During winter the garage is usually the hub for keeping everything that does not have room in the house. From the lawn mower to those household appliances that you stopped using a while back, it is time to give the garage some attention.

Sort everything out including the lost and found, and remove the things that you do not need. A garage sale would suffice and this will definitely help you make some money. As soon as you are through with getting rid of what you do not need, you can start cleaning the walls and floors. You can then arrange the garden tools, lawn mower and other items.

The most important part that you should pay attention to is the garage door repair. When you check and clean the door, it will protect the household and the automobiles.  Here are some garage door maintenance and cleaning tips that you should consider when preparing for the spring season:

Dealing with the wear and tear

This is a common occurrence after winter because of moisture and cold. Inspect the inside and the outside of the door for damage and cracks. The door can absorb water when the snow melts leading to wear and tear of different parts. For this reason, you need to clean and dry certain parts to avoid corrosion. When you notice already worn out parts, contact a garage door expert in Minneapolis. He will change the parts accordingly as well as conduct a thorough check.

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Inspection of the garage door opener repair

Test all the power sources to make sure that the door is working. You can also replace the batteries and run some tests to make sure that the door is in tiptop shape. Firstly, check whether the door balances correctly when opening and closing. Next, check the reverse mechanism and then check for easy moving of the door.


Lubricate all the moving parts including the hinge, rollers and lock mechanism. When you open and close the door, it should be able to move without a screeching noise or struggle.

The garage is an important part of the home, not only for storage but also for security purposes. You want to make entry easier and avoid incidences while you and the family are there. Indeed the key to maintaining the garage door is detecting problems, both potential and actual, and dealing with them quickly.

It is important to clean the garage door. Get organised by sorting out and selling what you do not need then clean the garage. Finally clean and lubricate the door to ensure it remains in a great shape for a really long time.