The worst thing that can happen in the twenty first century where everything is dependent on electricity is a power outage. A power outage is difficult to deal with in all seasons. While in winters it prevents you from switching on heating, in summers it is A/Cs that you cannot use. In short, nothing that is automatic will work. In this included also is your garage door.

Minneapolis garage door experts offer the much needed garage door expert advice when dealing with power outages. As a company, we understand the inconveniences that power outages bring especially if it happens when our clients are not home yet. We offer tips on preparing the home in case of a power outage:

  • Be prepared: Since power outages happen occasionally, we advise our clients always to be ready when it happens. This eliminates confusion and accidents. Firstly, ensure that an emergency kit is ready and placed where it is easy to locate. we have a well-trained team of garage door repair professionals who can conduct garage door roller replacement with ease.
  • Disconnect all the switches, not only in the house but in the garage as well. You can rely on the assistance of our technicians when there is a power outage as they are able to ensure that the door has no power connection to prevent an electrocution or a severe injury in case a power surge happens.
  • The garage door needs manual operation. As a company, we advise our clients to call us at any time so that our experts in Minneapolis will assist in converting the door from automatic to manual opening and closing. This requires removal of garage door spring tension, disconnecting them and relying on the hinges to manually open and close the door. Our professional technicians will offer this service to our clients as well as the necessary maintenance measures for the door.
  • The garage opener: We always offer automatic garage door openers with fully charged batteries to ensure that the opener is functional even when there is no electricity. We encourage our clients to always charge this battery and store the opener when the battery is full.

automatic garage door openers

A rule of thumb that we always advise our clients is always to have our emergency contact number so that they can call us in case of an emergency. Our team consists of licensed professionals who are trained in disaster management.