Garage door springs can often break and become a danger if they are not replaced as soon as possible, but in the right way. It that kind of situation occur keep in mind that even though you can try and fix the problem by yourself, it is always better to call a garage door repair to do it, as the system isn’t as simple as it seems.

If you anyways decide to fix it alone, first of all you should be very cautious with this procedure because there is a big amount of tension on garage door cable. You need to follow at all time safe procedures so you won’t lose a hand. If you think you are not the person to do it, call a professional and do not take the risk. Because of this always assume that there is a chance for the springs to brake as you unwind them and that the cone will explode as you wind or unwind. Keep in mind that the garage door opener powers cord should be unplugged. If you have an older garage door that it is advised to call a professional to do the job.

If your door has two springs installed, even if just one of them is broken, it is wise to change both of the springs in the same time. With this you will avoid any damages that can happen as a result of the breaking of the garage door spring that wasn’t replaced.

The cables should be visually inspected on the side where they attach to the spring system, usually located on the two sides of the garage door opener. If these cables seem worn, do not attempt anything by yourself as they have the possibility to break. You may sometimes encounter a squeaking sound in the springs which is caused by their regular usage. It doesn’t have to mean that there is a serious problem with them. There is a problem for example when your door doesn’t go up and down smoothly and can be a sign of an unbalance between the spring systems.

When diagnosing the problems you have with your garage door, mind the fact that there is a difference between torsion and an extension spring. Torsion springs are more complicated to buy, as they need to be ordered by the garage company, while the extension springs can be purchased at simple hardware stores and cost almost three times cheaper.

Most of the existing torsion springs are expected to have around ten thousand cycles of opening and closing.

The price for replacing the springs can vary from a total of $80 to $150 depending on the type of springs. In that amount the price of the labor is also included. The replacement on a tilt-up door can cost up to $200 and if it a roll-up the price will be even more. In some cases the brackets are dissembled in order to remove the broken strings because of the existing shaft, which doesn’t slide sideways enough. That operation will add $100 more to the paycheck, almost like a garage door installation. If you opt to go the professional way, and your are located in Minneapolis region, then, you will satisfactorily get this services and more from Minneapolis Garage Door Experts. Try the tips out and you will never again worry during a winter season!

Now when you how to deal with the garage door repair, decide what is best for you and do the garage door installation.

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