Minneapolis Garage Door Experts is one of the most competitive firms that offer high quality services when it comes to garage door accessories, installation and maintenance. Perhaps you are a garage owner and maybe wondering which garage door opener is most suitable for you. Well, you need not to worry anymore because Chamberlain garage door opener is the solution to your need, which is the latest development that will enable you to operate the garage door by use of internet connection. Before you think of purchasing and installing one such opener, here are a number of things we think that you first need to know about the chamberlain garage door openers:

It is very safe to use

High level of security

Has a unique design

Can be operated from your Smartphone

It’s Very Safe to Use

The chamberlain garage door opener has a safety feature that reverses the door automatically if it slightly hits something on the way and thus prevents injury to people or damage to a car that might be entering the garage. This garage door opener also has photoelectric sensor which emits flashes that acts as a warning to people to keep away when you are not around to avoid being hurt as they try to open the door.

High Level of Security

This garage door opener uses codes to command the door to open and shut. These codes are different each time a command is sent and therefore ensures that the system cannot be hacked. Moreover, the opener also offers manual access that can control the door in the event that your remote control or Smartphone goes missing. This unique feature will enable you to still gain access to your garage and thus operations will not completely shut down if the Smartphone is misplaced.

Has a Unique Design

The opener has a rechargeable battery backup that will ensure that in the event of a blackout, your garage door can still be operated. This is a very important feature because the operations within the garage will not stop just because of an interruption of electricity supply. In addition to this, it is also designed in such a way that during installation, there will be no need of new wired connections to the existing door opener thus making it quite easy to install.

Can Be Operated From Your Smartphone

This is done by the use of an application from the apple store or android play store and operates in such a manner that a virtual door displayed will send commands and functions to the real garage door. Any operations done to the virtual door on the app directly operates the real door for example, if you open the virtual door, the real door will also open. This ensures that you can operate the door without necessarily having to use manual force thus ensuring convenience.

With the above discussed features, you are certainly convinced that the chamberlain garage door opener is what is missing in your garage to ensure maximum efficiency. Contact us today for professional installation of the chamberlain door opener and experience all these amazing features.
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