garage door insulation

You will agree with me that you’d always want all of your esteemed possessions to operate without any problem especially during the cold season. As a homeowner, this is also true with your garage door. When that dreaded moment, winter, closes in, you would want that it meets you having totally reinforced your door openers. This means good insulation measures against snow, freezing winds and temperatures should be in place to securely shield your car and other valuables.

Often, as the cold weather sets in, older garage doors openers tend to operate poorly perhaps due to wear and tear caused by the freezing conditions and general cold temperatures. But, how will you ensure that your garage door deters the odd environmental conditions and operate with top results? Here are a few tips…

This is a great place to start. Periodically, check for signs of wear, breakage or frays on rollers, cables, springs, and other door
parts. This will keep you abreast of any mishap that can call for lubrication, garage door repair, replacement or installation.

The multiple moving parts of your garage door should be properly lubricated using a garage door designed lubricant. These movable parts include the garage door springs, tracks, rollers and even hinges. If you notice rust on the openers rail and chain, apply low temperature grease. The only part you aren’t allowed to lubricate are the tracks. Additionally, the door sections tend to stick together during winter hence lubrication between the door sections is very paramount in preventing the inactivity of the opener.

Now, about a month or two down the line after your initial lubrication, spray the rollers, hinges, springs and bushings for utmost strength of your door operation process. Generally, application of a quality lubricant consistently for years and before any winter season, will sustain your garage doors operation for years.


When after thorough lubrication you find there is minimal success on your openers operation, you can consider a minor repair. First, repeatedly open and close your door manually for some time after disconnecting your door opener. The door should open with minimal resistance and stay open about 4 feet high.This will show door balance before you reconnect the opener. When the door doesn’t open smoothly without the opener in place, then a professional should be contacted.

Opener Reversing Mechanism Test
Garage door openers are expected to be equipped with reversing mechanism and edge sensors for additional security by avoiding entrapment. To do this manually, place a piece of wood at the central floor of the garage door opening. Then, push the ‘close’ garage door button. The door is expected to automatically reverse when it strikes the wood, otherwise consider a professional expert for a replacement.

These easy- to-follow tips will surely help you to enjoy your door operation throughout winter hence prolonging the life span of your garage door. If you opt to go the professional way, and your are located in Minneapolis region, then, you will satisfactorily get this services and more from Minneapolis Garage Door Experts. Try the tips out and you will never again worry during a winter season!

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