Need a repair or replacement of your garage door? Go for Minneapolis Garage Door Experts. We are a trusted locally-owned and operated business which can do it for you. We cover the twin cities and the surrounding areas.

 Why Choose Us?

Our clients across Minneapolis area value our interpersonal service and provide us with positive feedback. We operate with teams of experts who are highly experienced at what they do. Our staff have provided garage door repair services for many years and can fix all brands of garage doors. We ensure residents in Minneapolis are offered affordable garage door install packages.

Experts At What We Do

At Minneapolis Garage Door Experts we carry out installation on several door types and styles. For a proper garage door install there are some points worth noting. It’s quite simple to install overhead doors, particularly those with their instructions easily accessible for one to interpret. Installation requires knowledge on alignment of the springs and stiffeners, determination of lift motors and several other factors. Our specialists can perform these procedures swiftly, leaving a safe and secure garage door for your home.

Services Provided  Same Day Repair 

In no time we have your garage door in good condition. On contacting us, we immediately send a technician to repair your door. Our specialists can also handle situations where an automatic garage door malfunctions.

 Replacement of the Cable and Broken Springs 

Our expert team on arriving at the scene examine the extent of damage that needs repair. Where necessary replacement is carried out swiftly and repairs carried out.

Garage Door Maintenance 

We offer garage door maintenance where we install a more recent version of garage door or replace the current one altogether. We provide powerful garage door openers which are recommended by the leading manufacturing brands.

Replacement of springs 

With time, garage doors become stubborn and faulty and in need of repair mainly this malfunctions are brought about as the garage door spring ages. The springs are situated on both parts of the door. In cases where repair is not enough we will replace the old springs with new ones. The garage door springs age with time and should be replaced immediately signs of strain are noted.

Our specialists know the importance of your garage door cannot be overlooked. For a start, it’s the largest mobile part in the entire home. A badly stationed garage door can harm the image of the entire house from an onlooker’s point of view. We can also say it’s a substitute front door when trying to access the house. A strong sturdy door is an extra security boost. When seeking a repair expert, do not believe anyone but our expert workers.

 Get In Touch With Us Today 

Contact us today and set up a date with our sales representative. We operate under a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy. A broken garage door spring or faulty garage door opener may warrant instant repair. We respond to complaints 24 hours a day. Get over and done with your garage door repair in the least time possible and resume your regular schedule.

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