Winter conditions can at times get very extreme to the point of causing great damages to your garage door system. Due to this, it is important to ensure that as a homeowner you are aware of how to undertake garage door maintenance for winter. This maintenance aims at ensuring that your garage door works efficiently throughout the winter season and that its efficiency is not hindered by the extreme weather conditions pre-existing at that time. The tips on garage door maintenance during winter include:

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Inspect the garage door regularly 

The best thing you can do to ensure that your garage door is in condition during winter is to regularly inspect the garage door. Check the condition of the rollers, springs, tracks and other movable parts in the garage. With a piece of cloth, remove the grease that may have built-up on the rollers and tracks for better inspection of these parts. With reliable garage door service in Minneapolis, you can detect any flaws or defects in the garage door before they lead to the breakdown of the door system. All our technicians are abreast of the latest development in the garage doors and committed to providing you the flawless garage door repair Minneapolis services.

Use household cleaning products to clean the door’s exteriors 

Clean the exterior parts of the door using household cleaning products to remove debris and dirt that may have accumulated on these parts. It is important to note that dust and debris on a garage door lead to rusting and clogging of hinges in the door. As such, it may cause your garage door to be faulty and inefficient thus posing a great security threat to your garage and the rest of your home as well. We are a reputed garage door supplier and garage door spring repair service provider in Minneapolis, MN.

Keep the door’s weather stripping clean at all times 

The weather stripping located at the bottom of the garage door helps in maintaining the garage dry and free from the elements of winter. It is important to clean this stripping regularly preferably at least once every week. While cleaning the stripping, you should look out for tears, cracks and missing pieces on the stripping. This is so as to ensure that the stripping is in its best working conditions at all times.

Open the garage door everyday 

This is probably the most crucial tip for garage door maintenance for winter. During winter, there is need to ensure that you use your garage door frequently. This helps in keeping out ice and any other elements that may cause clogging to the moving parts of the door. In addition to this, opening and closing your garage door on a daily basis lowers the likelihood of frost forming on the door’s springs and rollers.

Check the batteries of your door’s remote control 

There is nothing more frustrating in garage door service in Minneapolis than the remote control’s batteries dying when you need them most. This not only makes it next to impossible to use the garage door but also renders your remote garage door opener useless. To avoid such inconveniences, it is advisable that you check the condition of these batteries from time to time. In case they seem to be dying, replace them immediately.